Real Life Stories



Before Triple P…….

“Lots of conflict, always arguing with our kids.” “We were at our wit's end. We were having problems, the day care was having problems, the teachers were having problems.” “I couldn't handle it anymore with composure…I was exhausted and overrun by screaming…would get really mad!”

After Triple P…..

“Excellent! Every parent should do this course. Many thanks.” “The best part was meeting with other people, discussing your problems, and finding out about the little things you can do to improve your child's behaviour and your own parenting skills. “It has helped me to see that not all the problems were my son's behaviour, but how I dealt with them.”

“I am more confident as a parent. It's more relaxed around here with a lot less hassle getting them to do things. Now we have the temper tantrums under control because we had a plan and we knew just what to do rather than getting flustered ourselves and thinking: ‘What are we supposed to be doing?' The good thing is the consistency and he knows when we set the five rules he knows the consequences.   We found out through the program that there are patterns and things that set him off.”

“My child was scratching, biting, and screaming when frustrated. When she did this in public I was so embarrassed. Now, using the methods I learned in Triple P like quiet time ground rules, ASK, DO, etc , there has been no scratching for a long time and not even quiet times have been necessary for quite a while. Our whole life has changed as a family.”

“Before I was shouting and yelling. I felt intimidated, I now have a new language to communicate with my kids now know who is in charge but in a positive way. I have a really positive feeling – it is a culture, a method, a set of tools a communication skill, a language.”